What is Resilient Sri Lanka©

Resilient Sri Lanka© is a new industry forum committed to building resilience into major industries on the island, with a focus on apparel manufacturing.

At a time of great uncertainty for Sri Lanka, we are gathering the best minds and capabilities turn crisis into opportunity.

Sri Lankan manufacturers now face the triple threat of domestic economic turmoil, global supply chain disruption and new ESG legislation. This has raised the prospect of cancelled orders and reduced allocation globally.  

The forum is focused on harnessing collaboration and innovation to overcome the risk and resilience challenges.

Our Mission: Reduce the risk profile of Sri Lankan manufacturers through innovation, collaboration and ingenuity

Necessity is the mother of innovation. Our forum is committed to finding collaborative and innovative solutions.

The new VUCA environment has forced us to reassess our entire approach to risk management and resilience.

Sri Lankan manufacturers are facing challenges on multiple fronts. The old ways of working will not work in this new uncertain environment.

Resilient Sri Lanka brings together the best manufacturing and risk management minds to share their insights.

How we help


We bring together Sri Lankan manufacturers, global buyers and  innovators under a common platform

We hold webinars, monthly workshops and conferences by invitation for our partners in Colombo for apparel leadership and teams alike


Our team leverages world leading capabilities in digital and risk management to support manufacturers 

Consultancy is FREE for AMCHAM members. We offer 3 assessments to kick start your resilience journey

- Procurement Workflow Analysis
- Strategic Sourcing Report
- ESG Risk Strategy Assessment


We help manufacturers make better decisions by diagnosing their problems and recommending the best resilience solutions in the market

We guide the manufacturers through diagnosis, evaluation, pilots and testing of innovative solutions

"This forum is exactly what Sri Lanka needs"
Sharad Amalean, Chairman , JAAF
"Resilient Sri Lanka is building a strong framework of resilience for Sri Lankan apparel"
Jehan Jayasuriya, Chief Marketing Officer, MAS intimates
"It's all about being willing to listen and being open to new ideas"
Jeevith Senaratne, Director, Star Garments

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